Basic Life Support (BLS)

Whether clients are going to an appointment, being admitted to the hospital or being transferred for rehabilitation, our goal at Bell Ambulance is to ensure all of our clients have a safe, enjoyable ride to their destination. 

Bell Ambulance has a fleet of 40 BLS ambulances fully equipped to handle the needs of our clients for BLS transportation at any time.

Bell Ambulance specializes in BLS transports to and from:

• Skilled Nursing Facilities
• Community Based Residential Facilities
• Doctors’ offices
• Urgent Care/Clinics
• Dialysis Centers
• Hospitals
• Private residences

Bell Ambulance also provides 24/7 emergent and non-emergent responses to the Emergency room of your choice from the facilities listed above.

The following areas are common BLS transportation services that Bell Ambulance provides:

• Long Distance transports
• Oxygen therapy - Bell Ambulance EMTs are capable of transporting clients in need of continuous or on-demand oxygen therapy via nasal cannula, non-rebreather mask or tracheostomy mask
• As-needed airway suctioning
• Hospice transports
• Hospital discharge transports
• Prescheduled transports for medical appointments